10 Reasons to Consider Social Media for Your Business

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Why do businesses need social networks?

Today I will tell you why business is engaged in promotion in social networks.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is marketing or promotion in social networks. It includes many different techniques and is one of the most dynamically developing areas of Internet marketing.

Many entrepreneurs ask themselves: why do I need it [SMM], my business is not big enough to deal with social networks. So, our list of ten reasons why social networks can benefit your business:

1. Reputation

Now there is almost no brand, which in any degree is not engaged in working with social networks. The presence of a competently designed page is a guarantee of customer confidence in the company. When a client sees that you regularly cover your activities, tell something interesting about yourself - he will come more willing to buy goods or order a service from you. Not so long ago, such a thing as “Personal Brand” became popular. This is when you are promoting not your company, but yourself as an individual. You can use this posting life stories of your real employees telling about their qualifications. This will give your company a “face” and increase trust of the clients.

2. Communication

Social networks are bringing companies closer to consumers.

Your clients would have an opportunity to get a more personalized and quick access to your support team, write their reviews and complains on your pages if you enable this function. Moreover, your social pages will unite your real or potential customers who will participate in the most of your promotion activities and projects.

3. Coverage

Viral content can spread incredibly fast. Make funny posts, promote special offers and competitions, make it interesting and your content will reach places you haven’t dreamt about.

Moreover, if you invest in the creation of content, then not to get it in the search results will be just incredibly embarrassing. Every day, social networks are playing an increasing role in displaying web pages on search engines - Google has even begun to include status updates on the Google+ network in search results.

4. Trading

Now on the basis of social networks, you can create a whole online store. We think you can remember such examples yourself. Regularly remind your clients about your products and services and this will bring more orders for you.

5. Promotion

If we talk about the ranking of search engines, the support of the active presence of your brand in social networks allows you to significantly affect the performance of the display and improve the company's reputation (or to start creating it). Suppose that an abstract person found out about the existence of your company and he was curious about who you are, what you are, and how pleasant you are in general. If you now enter your company name into Google search, what do you get in the issue?

Wouldn't it be better for you to increase the influence of your social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn and others, to cope with the advantage of third-party review sites over which you have almost no control? On top of that, your appearance on social sites will once again interest the curious ones and bring them to your pages in search of great content.

6. Custom content is more important than ever.

According to eMarketer, 65% of users aged 18-24 years when they buy a particular product trust the information about the brand that they found on the Internet. And according to eConsultancy, two thirds of consumers (an incredibly high rate!) use search engines when making a purchase decision. Agree that the chance that your target audience belongs to one of these groups is extremely high. Social networks are a great way to get that desired user content and address it to the group of people that is obviously interested in it.

7. Analysis of customer behavior

Noted how sometimes it is difficult to understand whether your regular customers will like this or that product? Using social networks you can predict consumer response. This becomes possible due to the large number of different thematic communities in which people actively express their positions on various goods or services.

8. Earnings

You can sell services directly on social networks. If you have a popular group or channel, you can make good money on advertising as well.

9. Increase loyalty of old customers

The task of the customer-oriented business is not only to attract new customers, but also to retain old ones. It is no secret that for many companies repeat sales bring the greatest revenue.

10. Monitoring competitors

Track the activity of competitors in social networks. Using special spying services, you can see what kind of advertisements they publish, and find a few ideas for your business in their groups. The main thing: remember that you should never copy someone else's ideas but maje your contribution. Then your customers will love you.

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