7 Things You Need to Do Before Building an App

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Today, people spend almost all their time with smartphones. They do not part with them in transport, cafes and in the restroom. We spend more than 80% of the time in social networks using gadgets. 89% of viewers use smartphones for watching TV. Moreover, 88% of tourists do not imagine travelling without a mobile phone. The latest forecasts of analysts say that 60% of all online advertising in 2018 will be devoted to the mobile devices.

So, you also thought about developing your own application. It's not so important, if you plan to do it yourself or with the help of a professional developer. More importantly is how thorouthly you have thought through the most important aspects of your application. Check out our 7 things you need to do before building a mobile app.

  1. Analyze the market

The analysis of the market forms understanding of the future audience and helps to answer the questions:

  • What problems does your application solve?

  • Do users need it?

  • How many such users are there?

  • Are they willing to pay for your application or buy additional features?

  • Does your application want to use it again and recommend it to your friends?

At this stage, you will be able to gather information with the help of the stores themselves, the AppAnnie app store analytics service, as well as current users and customers.

  1. Make up your mind about app functionality

Think it through and right down all the functions that will be absolutely necessary in your desired app and which ones you can sacrifice or leave for later. Be proactive and make a research on all those functions regarding their effect on the “weight” and speed of the application. Consider that not all platforms and devices support some of the advanced technologies. That will lead you to a new question: Android, Apple iOS or both?

Once you start your research, you will encounter many different questions; however, it’s worth spending your time in the beginning to avoid confusion later.

  1. Think through your budget

Once you are done with all the ideas and wishes for your app, try to understand if you have enough money to make it come true. There are special web sites that can help you count the cost of your wished app, you can also go to the freelance platform or developers’ sites and upload your ideas. Most specialist will name you an approximate cost of their job. To learn more about the prices for app development, read our article “How much does it cost to build an app?”.

  1. Make a list of competitors

Shortly before placing the application in stores, we recommend creating an up-to-date list of competitor applications. Collect basic information: launch date, average rating, and number of updates. Carefully study user feedback: they will be needed to better understand the interests and preferences of the audience. It is equally important to highlight the shortcomings of your competitors and eliminate them in your own application.

  1. Set up basic analytics

Basic analytics is perhaps the most important stage for the promotion of an application. Set up analytic services long before the application starts.

We recommend using Flurry, Fabric.io, DevToDev, and Google Analytics. To monitor target metrics, create reports or dashboards. It is important to constantly monitor metrics: qualitative and quantitative indicators of the effectiveness of the application for a certain time. For indicators to be the most accurate, you need to choose the same time interval and see how they have changed, for example, compared to last week or month.

Basic metrics:

  • number of active users who have made at least one active action;

  • number of new users;

  • number of returned users;

  • total number of sessions;

  • average length of the user session;

  • number of sessions per user;

  • number of screen views;

  • number of screens per session (depth of immersion).

  1. Choose the right performer

There are many ways to build an app for any type of budget. You can use special online platforms, hire a freelancer, gather an outsourced team or make an order with a professional developer. To learn more about each option, read our articles “How do you start your own app?” and “Should I hire a freelancer or an agency?”.

  1. Prepare metadata and promotional materials

So we got to the final stage! A little more - and your application will appear in the storages. However, before that, prepare the metadata:

  • Select an application category and set age restrictions.

  • Select the name of the application.

  • Select the keywords.

  • Description of the application.

  • Prepare screenshots for each type of device.

  • Select an application icon.

  • Mention contact details.

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