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Online games and game apps are a huge industry today with as big competition. Every year new game shows up and impresses everybody with its graphics or plot or just with its gameplay. Some people even get so excited by these games that they want to create a game as well. The process game development is interesting but challenging and demanding. Let's say you want to great the best game app ever. What skills will you need?

What is necessary to know and be able to do in order to create your own online game:

  • Programming. For example, C++/C#. These are the main programming languages used by most game developers. It is easy to learn them: just find the relevant courses and complete them.

  • Basic graphic design skills. You will have to understand work well in Photoshop, Maya, 3d Max, Blender, Topogan

  • Audio drains. Free or paid ready-made solutions for voice and music.

  • Game and application development

Experienced game developers and actual specialist of any area wouldn’t try to show off by doing something extraordinary at the first place if they don’t have relevant skills. They create the simplest sketches, on which they base all their work. They begin with the blanks - the so-called working prototype, which in the future they might change several times.

App development

The process of creating game applications is no less interesting or less demanding than the development of online games. In addition, most people play on their smartphones anyway. Currently, there is a huge market of mobile apps. However, app development still scares away man beginners. Probably because it seems to be very difficult and that one should involve the whole team in this process. However, some game applications have indeed been created only by one person.

The most important thing to consider when creating an application is that it should be fun and addictive. If you don't think about it, the project will fail. In addition, you need to remember that there are different operating systems and different devices with their own requirements. Therefore, you need to select only one device if you are just starting or at least one OS. At the same time, it is worth thinking about who the future users are, what operating system they use and whether this application will be free or not.

So who is the game developer?

The developer can work both independently and in a team that consists of managers, game designers, sound engineers, testers and other IT professionals. The composition of the team depends on the budget of the project, but if the funding is minimal or a person is working on his own idea, the game developer performs the functions of all of the above specialists or the tasks that he is able to do.

Game developers can be divided into several groups:

  • real masters who are engaged in the development of popular games in well-known companies;

  • professionals engaged in the development of high-quality games of the middle segment;

  • specialists who develop simple games (browser, mobile and others);

  • gamers and hobbyists who release add-ons and indie games.

To work in this field, you need a diploma of programmer. Mobile application designers, game designers and other IT professionals can also develop games, having previously passed a short preparatory course.

The specifics of the profession

To create simple games, a specialist should know programming perfectly, but if he wants to earn more, then a lot of time will have to be devoted to obtaining new knowledge:

  • Unity tool and other engines that are needed to create 2D and 3D games;

  • object-oriented programming;

  • learning C#, Ajax and other programming languages;

  • optimization of 2D and 3D games;

  • 3D editors;

  • stages of game process design, drawing, visualization, animation, physics and other aspects of the game;

  • basics of game development for mobile devices and much more.

Game developer is a universal specialist can create animation, visual effects, game concept, design, who knows the basics of modeling and law. Yes, a developer who works for himself should be able not only to protect, but also to patent the developed game or SOFTWARE for it.

Pros and cons of the profession


  • An experienced and talented programmer will receive a decent salary for the development of games.

  • There is a chance to find a job in a well-known company and gain popularity in certain circles.

  • Self-employed professionals can be creatively realized.

  • Games for PC and mobile devices are popular, so investors are willing to invest in the promotion of gaming software products.

  • The profession gives you the opportunity to work with different platforms (OS, IOS/Android and others).

  • Knowing programming languages, programs for creating 3D graphics, the basics of mobile application development and other areas related to the profession, the specialist will be able to try his hand in each of these areas.


  • The developer should push his ambitions and creative ideas to the background, putting the requirements of the investor or the customer in the first place.

  • Serious requirements are put forward to the experience and knowledge of the specialist, because the success of the project depends on his professionalism.

Personal qualities

Game developer should understand that the creation of the game – this is the first step on the road to success, because you need to gather a team, find an investor, conduct an advertising campaign that will really sell the created product. Therefore, the developer should own the following personal and professional qualities:

  • stress resistance;

  • endurance;

  • no psychological problems;

  • a tendency to prolonged work;

  • the makings of a leader;

  • ability to work in a team;

  • entrepreneurial spirit;

  • well-developed imagination.

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