How long does it really take to develop a website?

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Time to develop a site in reality can significantly exceed the expectations of the customer or studio developer. For the customer, and sometimes for some contractors, the development time is completely unclear: is 1 month enough or not? Or maybe 2 months? 3?

When contacting a web-studio to create a site, many customers indicate the desired development time as 1-2 months. What work can be done in such a period and how much time is needed to develop a good site, you will learn below.

In our example, we will assume that our customer has already decided on the contractor, all documents are signed and only the development remains. Suppose that the customer needs to create a company site, then the client and the developer need to go through a series of typical steps.

Development of a project and preparation of a technical task

At the first stage of development, together with the customer, we find out the goals of the web developing, discuss ways to achieve them, and draft the site. This stage usually takes at least 5 days: you need to hold several meetings, agree on many points.

Some studios miss this stage and immediately proceed to the development. Such time savings can lead to the creation of a useless website that does not perform the tasks of a particular company.

Writing a technical task for a company’s website will take around 3 days, the approval of all technical issues and the approval of the technical task usually takes up to 4 days.

As a result, the first stage of work takes an average of 12 days.

Creating content for the site

Content preparation usually takes the most time. In our orders, most customers prefer to prepare content on their own: they write texts, make photos and pictures. As part of a model contract, we help prepare information for the main sections.

Many customers are sure that the content is not the most important part of the site, it can be created later. This statement is true only for some pages of the site. Sections of the catalog, pages with articles or information about the company can be filled later, when the site is ready. These are typical pages and it will be easy for the designer to design them even in the absence of real texts.

Content for important pages — the main page, with benefits and targeted services — must be prepared in advance so that the designer can design these pages based on the information that will be placed on them.

Many customers underestimate this stage. They do not decide in advance who exactly in their company will be responsible for preparing the content for the site. As a result, data preparation takes from 10 to 25 days.

Then this whole bunch of unsorted texts, photos and company benefits is sent to us. We read, watch, sort, edit and approve the result with the customer. It usually takes an average of 4 more days.

As a result, the preparation of content takes from 14 to 29 days.


It takes us 3 to 10 days to create prototypes. Based on the content and goals, we develop a concept for achieving goals. Then we discuss it with the customer.

Most often, the customer suggests making some edits. We contribute and reconcile. This process can be repeated several times, because the same goal can be achieved in different ways and because we, as a developer, and a customers, as a professionals in their field, may have different views on the concept.

On average, the discussion, amendment and approval takes up to 8 days. As a result, the prototyping stage takes from 11 to 18 days.

Design for the site

On average, a designer will spend 5 days to create 10 web-pages. Then it should be discussed with the customer again. Usually, the coordination of design layouts runs smoothly, because the content and concept of the site were developed earlier. Most clients offer minor adjustments, which take up to 3 days with approval.

As a result, the design development stage takes up to 15 days along with the approval of the layouts.

Filling the site with content and testing

At the last stage, we fill the site with content and conduct tests to identify shortcomings or unplanned deviations from the technical task. On average, it takes 3-4 days. Then we approve the results with the customer, it usually takes another day.

To sum up, the final stage of development lasts up to 5 days.

Outcome and opportunities to save time

If you calculate the terms of creating the site for all stages to get:

  • The minimum development period is 57 days;

  • Maximum - 86 days.

Most of the time is needed to prepare content. To shorten this stage, the customer can prepare the content in advance before ordering the website. Decide in advance, for what purpose you will create the site, how you will evaluate the quality of the site and what kind of information you are going to place on the site.

The second longest process is the coordination between developers and customers. This stage can be reduced. Decide in advance, who will lead the project in your company, provide your developer with the necessary information and coordinate all issues, determine what powers he will have, and determine the circle of persons who will make the final decision on the site. And the most important thing in coordination is to immediately give feedbacks to the developer.

If the developer asks you a question, asks for something to agree or comment on - answer immediately, and you will save your own time.

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