How to Build a Scalable Application?

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To find answer to this question, let’s first clarify the term scalability.

In electronics and computer science, scalability means the ability of a system, network or process to cope with increased workload (increase its performance) when adding resources (usually hardware).

Scalability is an important aspect of electronic systems, software complexes, database systems, routers, networks, etc., if they are required to work with heavy load. The system is called scalable if it is capable of increasing performance in proportion to additional resources. Scalability can be assessed through the ratio of the increase in system performance to the increase in resources used. The closer this ratio to unity, the better. Also, scalability means the possibility of increasing additional resources without structural changes in the central node of the system.

In a system with poor scalability, adding resources leads only to a slight increase in performance, and from a certain "threshold" moment, adding resources does not have any useful effect.

Considering all the information above, it becomes clear that making a scalable application is a must in the constantly changing world. Step by step we will explain all the necessary components to make a scalable application.

Create the correct structure of code

It all starts with a code and clearly someone has already thought it through long time ago. To make your code correct, keep it SOLID.

Work using Kanban with clear iterations planning

Kanban is a development management method that implements the "just-in-time" principle and promotes an equal distribution of workload among employees. With this approach, the entire development process is transparent to all team members. Tasks as they arrive are entered in a separate list, from where each developer can extract the required task. Kanban is a visual development system that shows what needs to be produced when and how much.

Kanban is based on four basic principles:

Maintaining existing methods of development

Kanban starts with existing development methods and stimulates additional changes in them.

Preliminary agreement on carrying out important changes

The development team must take into account that constant changes are a way to improve the existing development process, but carrying out global changes is a big risk. Kanban encourages small and evolutionary changes.

Respect for existing order, roles and responsibilities

Encouraging the initiative

The manifestations of the initiative of each developer are welcomed.

Clear and explicit project structure in the version control system (GIT)

GIT is a distributed version control system. The project was created by Linus Torvalds to manage the development of the Linux kernel, the first version was released on April 7, 2005. To date, it is supported by Junio Hamano.

Among the projects using Git are the Linux kernel, Swift, Android, Drupal, Cairo, GNU Core Utilities, Mesa, Wine, Chromium, Compiz Fusion, FlightGear, jQuery, PHP, NASM, MediaWiki, DokuWiki, Qt, and a number of Linux distributions.

The last but not the least,

  • adhere to the application architecture - MVP, MVC, MVVM, Viper, etc.
  • use logical class names, methods, and variables
  • create documentation for the project, a description of classes and methods in javadoc, for example, before each class write a description of what it does
  • use one clear code style throughout the project

All in all, the source code of the project is always obtained, which can be transferred to another person or company and can be sorted out quickly and with little effort. This is a project that uses "layers" to communicate with the server, so that in case of changes on the server it would be possible to make changes only to one adapter and keep the project working, and it would not be necessary to search for where and that they forgot to change after all in a huge product.

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