Mobile Health and Pharma: Industry-specific benefits

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Global Mobile Health trend

mHealth is a mobile health service. In the US, this area has become one of the leading ones. Various developments appear on the market: from the simplest ones, for example, an application for emergency calling a doctor to high-tech medical software (computer vision, machine learning, neural networks).

There are several areas of mHealth:

  • Collect and save various users’ medical metrics (pulse, pressure, heart work, sleep, etc.)
  • Fitness applications (exercise complexes, performance monitoring).
  • Applications for a healthy lifestyle (dietetics, agile lifestyle, tips, etc.)
  • Applications to control the treatment and drug intake.
  • Applications for people suffering from a particular disease.
  • Applications to interact with a medical center or clinic.
  • Mobile pharmacies.

The mobile world is a space where users want to receive something more than they can get in person.

Let’s find out why having a mobile application for a pharmacy can be better than a real shop.

1. No capital outlay

You do not need to rent and equip premises, to hire staff in a new pharmacy.

2. Minimum risk and short terms

Online pharmacy are developed quickly and with minimal risk. It gives you the flexibility and opportunity to try whether this format is right for you.

3. Customers 24/7

Your online pharmacy works around the clock, seven days a week, and the range is not limited to shop windows and premises.

An online pharmacy will be also useful to those who already have at least a few offline pharmacies.

Here is what a mobile app can offer to this industry:

  • Interactive product catalog
    Instead of brochures and booklets - information in the mobile application. By barcode or by entering the name of the product manually, you can get complete information about the product. Description of the drug, instructions for use, contraindications, adverse reactions and other data. All information is updated remotely. This is a more modern way to present products.
  • Sales and customer management
    A mobile application can be a tool for the formation and sending reports by sales representatives. Orders are generated by the sales representative on site, and then sent to the trading program for processing by the operator or immediately to the warehouse.

Client profile can take into account personal discounts or special offers on product groups.

  • A visual representation of the sales plan, performance indicators and statistics of meetings/ applications/sales.
  • Keeping customers: control of payments, shipment and workflow. When a representative changes, sales history and communication are transferred to a new specialist.
  • Report generation. This is especially important if the regional representative does not have an office and all reporting is performed remotely.
    Work with complaints from customers and distributors.

How to start developing a medical application?

  • Answer the question of who you are: medical center, pharmacy, community of doctors, etc.
  • Answer the question of who your customers are and for what purposes they contact you.
  • You should be looking for real problems of users.
  • You order to create a service (mobile application) that helps to solve these problems.

For example, you have a lab. Your clients are people who want to be tested. Not in a traditional way but to monitor their health and prescription of treatment based on the results of the analysis. Testing requires preparation, but how would you prepare? Give recommendations for each analysis.

Then you need to give the user an opportunity to read the results and understand their essence, print, share with the doctor in one click, and of course, save history. And for some it will be important to see a graph of changes in the results of analyzes.

What problems of your clients can you solve by creating a mobile application for them?

It is important to choose the main thing: why customers choose you and how to increase the value of these reasons with the help of the application?

1. Medical center or clinic.

Your clients are people who need medical advice and qualified treatment. Most often, people have money and are ready to overpay to save time. The second reason may be the high qualifications of your doctors - that is, the availability of doctors who can solve their problem. It is important to ​ broadcast these values in the application.

Required application functionality for such medical center:

  • convenient online appointment to the necessary doctor, choice of the doctor,
  • saving appointments, for example, in the form of a table or calendar,
  • storage of medical history and test results,
  • possibility of obtaining them through the Internet.
  • Ideally, convenient interaction with the attending physician and administration through a mobile device.

2. Laboratory.

Testing is an intermediate stage of treatment. Here the results are important, which means it is worth focusing on them. At the same time, not forgetting that the reliability of the results depends on the preparation for the analysis, and the time of the procedure.

Here is what functionality is required for users of the laboratory application:

  • rules of testing,
  • recording to get out of turn (if recording is provided),
  • obtaining and saving results,
  • convenient use of results (send to a doctor, print),
  • convenient viewing of changes in the results (for example, a graph).

3. Pharmacies and pharmaceuticals.

Your clients are people with real problems that require urgent solutions. Often, customers come to the pharmacy, bypassing the doctor, and not knowing in advance, what medicine they need. For sellers, this is a chance to sell medicine at a higher price, but how to make buyers come to you?

The psychology of the modern consumers has changed - today they prefers to know why they go to the store. It is important for consumers to be aware in advance, which purchase will be more profitable and efficient for them. And they are looking for this information on the Internet.

Therefore, for pharmacies, there is only one way to mHealth:

  • become a reliable source of information about medicines,
  • give the opportunity to find out about the availability of drugs in the store,
  • pre-order and get the order in the store.
  • order home delivery, because if you are alone at home, it is difficult to get to the pharmacy.

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