Most Important Components to make your app generate revenue

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Many businesses have already realized the benefits of having an online store in a form of a mobile application. However, before developing a mobile app for an existing or a new store you should make sure that it will bring money to you. Good online store is a big investment for any company that’s why its development should be taken seriously.

The following article will mention the most important components that must be thought through and present in any good revenue generating app.

1. Product catalog, convenient selection of parameters and viewing details.

There are two types of people: some come to the store to wonder around, others are looking for something specific. To meet the needs of all, you need to create a searchable directory with the entire range of your products. A person searches according to different parameters (size, color, manufacturer, brand, fabric, season and price are important), but if a person is just looking for something to catch his eye on, then a lot of details can disperse his attention, and he is unlikely to make a spontaneous purchase. How to solve this problem? Hire a professional web designer who can create a well balanced interface.

2. The possibility of buying online.

An important option of a mobile application for an online store is to buy online, even better, to do it in several ways. It is important to take into account the specifics of your niche. For example, somewhere it is very important to see the goods before purchase, therefore, if you have distribution points, the mobile application should also have a map displaying them, an opportunity to choose a payment method and an item, and also, ideally, an opportunity to change the payment method and distribution point later. The buyer should feel as comfortable as possible using your application, otherwise why would anyone download it if the market is full of competitive offers and offline points of sale?

You can simplify the purchase process by adding the “binding” option of a bank card to the application: the buyer won’t even need to enter anything,- just to select a product, press the buy button and confirm with a code. However, there are some downsides: people are still afraid to trust their data to mobile devices. Therefore, you should seriously think about security and a reliable authorization system, which will be convenient for the user.

3. Wishlists make shopping experience faster.

Not all stores sell online, and this does not mean that mobile application development is contraindicated for them. There are complex products, and you can use the application to facilitate the choice for the customers. There are such goods for which buyers go with lists, for example, goods for repair and building materials. The application can serve as a user assistant in the selection of goods and save lists of desired purchases. Then, having come to the store, the user only needs to contact the seller with a list (or pre-order directly from the application). This reduces the time of customer service and the time of the buyer. After all, now you do not need to wander around the departments in search of the right products.

4. The recommendation system helps to make pre-sales.

If a recommendation system has been implemented on your website, consider offering this useful tool to users of the mobile application. If you do not yet possess such an instrument, then it is worth thinking about its implementation. This is necessary for users - customers are lost in a huge amount of goods and get tired of searching, and here you offer them exactly what they most likely need. This is also useful for you - you increase sales. Recommendation systems are different and have different levels of development complexity. You can recommend on the basis of already selected or viewed products, as well as through the proposals of related products. The principle is the same: having analyzed the user's behavior, you can assume his needs and interests, and offer something valuable for him.

5. The availability of goods and a map with the nearest stores saves the time of buyers.

Imagine that you urgently need to buy shoes, there is no computer nearby, and not everyone is comfortable using the site on a mobile device. In this case, the search for the desired model shopping will take a lot of time. This is the real pain of many buyers, because not everyone likes to spend time on protracted shopping. That is why the option of checking the availability of goods in stores, and then quickly and conveniently searching for these stores on a map, is a valuable suggestion to users of a mobile application for an online store. How to put this into practice? You can ask the staff to enter the actual data, and you can integrate the application with the site, 1C, other services that monitor the availability of goods in your warehouse and stores.

6. News and events inspire users.

It is not a mandatory section of a mobile application for an online store, but in some cases, it can serve as a tool for engaging users and stimulating purchases. Nevertheless, in order for news and events to work for your goals, rather than occupy a place in the app and distract users from your services, they need to be notified only of important marketing campaigns, events of interest (for example, fashion shows, new product shows, etc.).

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