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MVP or minimum viable product is a version of the product that has minimal functional but still can be used. In simple words, a prototype of what you would like to test on real people. In general, MVP, it is rather a process of continuous creation of hypotheses, prototypes and experiments, that is, a set of actions. It looks something like this:

  • There is an idea / hypothesis and it needs to be checked.
  • We look at existing prototypes or make our own.
  • We show it to real users and collect data.
  • Draw conclusions, move on to a new idea.

The concept of MVP in the development of mobile applications

When you develop mobile applications, MVP takes on special significance. It might be the first version of the application that offers the basic functionality of the final product and solves the main tasks of the customer, but not only. It can also be performed in another form. Highlight the functions that are crucial for your product, the ones without which it simply cannot exist. Or rather, to perform the main tasks. And discard all that is unnecessary, which can be added later (if necessary). For example, if users want to have some kind of function - the developer will already know for sure that the project is not improving mindlessly, but taking into account the wishes of the target group of users. This approach allows you to run the project faster and with a saving of resources, while avoiding situations where multiple functions only interfere with each other, thereby violating the functioning of the product.

MVP feature for mobile application

Its specificity is in laying one basic value in one prototype. Didn’t forget what for MVP is needed? That's right, in order to test the idea. If you want to get reliable data and avoid ruining the whole experiment, there is no point in checking several ideas in the prototype at once.

MVP example

The simplest example: we want to check whether our service will be popular. We create a mobile application for dog overexposure. You leave for Bangkok, but you cannot take Pekingese with you. You go into the DogSave application and choose a person who is ready to take care of your pet for the time of your absence for a reward.

It is necessary to test this idea, but how to do it?

We create 2-3 landings (one-page site) where we place our idea of service.

In the center, we put the button "order overexposure" or "find overexposure". It is possible with different colors and message to draw out each of the options.

We determine the test budget for the advertising campaign and the time for measuring the results.

We adjust advertising (context, social networks or something else) to a pre-selected target audience.

We start the flow on the landings.

We look how many people click on the button and draw a conclusion.

If the results suit you, then continue to work with the service and do well, beautifully, conveniently. If not, just discard this idea and go on to the next one. This is just one example of an MVP. To test a new feature on an existing product, you can hang a banner or a burning button, measure pressures and estimate the approximate interest of users to a new idea.

MVP approximately

In practice, it also happens that when you are testing hypotheses (in the common people MVP), you can skip doing a prototype at all. Googled, looked whether there is something similar in the world? Maybe research has already been carried out on this topic? You just need to dig. It is possible that you will find the answer in already existing sources of information.

MVP principles to remember

Below is a list of principles without which your MVP is not MVP.

Do not do it if you can skip doing it. Dig, google, look for ready solutions.

Cut back. Get rid of everything superfluous in the prototype, leave only the main value for the user.

There is no beauty. Do not delve into the design, make a working prototype and do not waste resources.

Know MVP users. Gather maximum information about those who will interact with MVP.

MVP is about coming to understanding, whether it is possible to earn on idea.

Truncated the prototype? Cut again in half. Development, time, design. Leave only the main thing that will help check the idea.

Viable means a viable, working. MVP should work and carry value, one, and the main value.

Run as early as possible. Even in case of failure, you will have the advantages of the first. If the feature is new, then the user will be more loyal.

Discarding MVP, this is normal.

With the help of what to do MVP

  • Googling competitors and analogs in other countries.
  • Film a video.
  • Make a landing page.
  • The concierge MVP. We look at how the user performs his task now. We talk with him, ask him, we understand his "pain".
  • One-Feature-Product. This is about a product with one value for the user.
  • Kickstarter. Made the video, described the idea, see how people support it with money.
  • Pre-order. Showed the prototype, offered pre-order. There is no better confirmation of the user's interest than if he votes with money.

On whom to check MVP

  • Well, we made our prototype, and who to show it to and where to find these lucky ones?
  • For this, there is also a checklist:
  • You yourself can be the first users.
  • Relatives, friends, acquaintances.
  • We write to everyone, we go to visit, call up.
  • Social network. Please give feedback to all who respond.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Opinion leaders / people hubs. Those in general, to whom many listen.
  • Cold calls.
  • Press.

Do not forget about feedback channels, leave your contacts (mail, phones, instant messengers and social networks). Information from the first users has to come to you freely. Man has spent his time to test your "outlandish" product. Do not make him look for ways to share his opinion.

Well, about the metrics / counter and other measurements. All interactions with users, prototypes and others are applied for some purpose. If you have read this far, then you know that this goal is a test of the hypothesis. And to check it you need to actively monitor the indicators.

Watch the indicators

Do not forget to hang up all the necessary counters. Get the data and draw conclusions about where to move.

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