Play Market: what is it and how developers can make money in it?

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It is no secret that today the market of mobile applications offers a good choice, which is updated every day with new versions of programs. However, few of us have thought about how this system works and what the rating of the products that are presented in it is based on. I must say that today the promotion of mobile applications in Google Play is a popular way of earning, both for SOFTWARE developers and for owners of Google Play. Now about the main thing. How is the hierarchical ladder of applications is built in Google Play, and what is the principle behind it?

In fact, everything is simple. There are only three simple but objective indicators. Each of them evaluates the presented product from several points of view. As a result, with a large number of positive ratings on all these criteria, the application will take the highest position in the issuance and will have a high rating in a particular Top-chart. As a result, the market of mobile applications will be replenished with another worthy novelty.


Impact on the issuance


The higher is the rating, the higher is the position


  1. Attracts users

  2. Gives a good indicator of demand


  1. Affects, even in the absence of reviews

  2. High download rate – the best promotion

TOP-charts and their CHARACTERISTICS

Who has ever used the mobile app Google Play, knows that the various ratings and Tops in it abound. They can be combined into one small classification on the following grounds:

  • by category;

  • by update;

  • recommended;

  • paid applications;

  • free.

We must immediately explain that such a classification of Top-charts takes exists only in particular countries, because in some countries there are no top-charts of new paid or free applications. In addition, the ranking of the top-charts vary in every single country. Google, for example, strives to make sure that the monopolists do not capture the entire market of mobile applications, and each of them has its well-deserved piece of the pie. In general, top-charts have two categories: paid and free SOFTWARE. For a faster entry to the Google PlayMarket it is better to assign some price for your product and get into the category of new paid. Then you get fast promotion, traffic and some minimal income.


In fact, everything is trivial and simple. Anyone can register on PlayMarket and immediately create his own application. Next, you need to upload it on the site, to promote and run the sale. In the case of free access, your income will be based solely on advertising, which is inside the SOFTWARE. Therefore, the general features that Google Play gives to its users:

  • download free SOFTWARE and earn on advertising that is inside it;

  • just sell the SOFTWARE for a small amount, but if you consider the large number of downloads, as well as regular clicks on advertising, then here we are talking about quite a decent money and decent earnings;

  • add paid features within free SOFTWARE.

It is obvious that many people do not have even a minimal idea of how to create software for smartphones, but no one says that you can not just order SOFTWARE for Android. The price tag of this work can start with as little as $100. Moreover, this basic shell can be used several times, changing only its content. In this case, the orders will cost you less, and the opportunities for earnings will only increase. It is clear that it is necessary to consider the very filling of the shell that we will create. There is room for your imagination: stories, books, games, instructions, car codes, etc.

Well, now let’s calculate how much you can earn on this.


As the practice of long-term work of Google PlayMarket shows, the largest income comes from free applications. Today, the market of mobile applications allows you to promote your free product as effectively as paid counterparts. Here are small calculations on the revenue that Google Play brings to its users.

The parameters


Price in cents

1-5 cents a Click

Clicks/times shown


Times shown

1 million

Monthly Income

$ 500

In an example, we took the average Android app price of clicks from $0,01 to $0,05. Then when displaying banner ads 1 million times, we get a modest monthly income of $500. And if you recalculate these figures, taking into account the fact that a month there can be up to 500,000 downloads, then you can imagine what amounts are hidden even in the most primitive applications. It’s not so easy to achieve it, but quite possibly. The main thing is to set this goal and move towards it.

In fact, as the of SOFTWARE developers’ experience shows, the total number of clicks, even with the same number of impressions, is strongly influenced by the profile of the proposed SOFTWARE and who it is designed for.

Therefore, even if we take for consideration the PlayMarket app with daily 15,000 impressions, in one case the income will be about $50 per day, and in the other – $1. The only secret is that users can use your software without noticing the banners. Alternatively, by installing a special program that blocks all these ad units. Application profitability can be tested very quickly. It is important to pay attention to how much money it collects. If the amount does not exceed $2 per week, you can safely throw it away and make a new one.

Thus, taking into account how many new users of Android OS are showing up daily, it is possible to imagine what prospects the current market of Google Play applications offers. The main task for you as a developer is to find an interesting idea and promote your product to the masses.

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