Types of celebrity mobile apps: what for the stars need their own mobile applications?

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The main asset for any celebrity is the name. Fame makes celebrities who they are. Crowds of fans create the social capital that creates a star - be it a popular music artist, movie actor, TV host, or a fashion magazine model. To be always visible and heard, to attract more and more new fans, not to leave the focus of attention - for this you need to use all available means. Two decades ago, it was the appearance on TV and radio in various shows, on the pages of fashion magazines. Ten years ago, the absolute must have was a personal website and a personal page in social networks to interact with fans. Today, mass media technologies continue to evolve, and the above is not enough anymore. The most advanced celebrities are taking the next step in promoting a personal brand, namely acquiring their own mobile applications.


Since the debut in the app stores "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood", back in 2014, a new trend began. The success of the new application was stunning; within a few days after launch, it earned 1.6 million dollars. Other celebrities did not delay to follow such a brilliant example. Mobile applications, which are backed by the names of female celebrities, have become a major source of revenue, attracting female users. Thus, they were able to significantly change the situation in the gaming market, that before was focused mainly on men.

However, the famous mobile applications are not only games. At the moment there is already a whole line of applications covering a wide variety of segments. Of these, the following are worth mentioning:


Communicating every day in chats, people use emoji to give messages of greater emotional vitality and depth. The ability to use images that reflect any significant moments in the life of their idols was perceived by fans with great enthusiasm. Once again, the pioneer laurels here belong to Kim Kardashian with her Kimoji, which entered the market in 2015. Soon she was followed by other stars, such as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Amber Rose.

Content Applications

Content that celebrities can share with their fans can be very diverse. It may refer to the area in which the actual particular celebrity has become famous. Such are, for example, applications from the famous British chef Jamie Oliver, in which he shares his recipes, and also publishes step-by-step instructions on cooking, or the fitness application from Kayla Itsines, the world-famous fitness coach, in which her followers can find examples of the training programs, learn about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Another type of content available in this category of mobile apps is a lifestyle that allows you to get a closer look at the lives of celebrities behind the scenes, off TV screens and social events. In such applications, stars share their photos behind the scenes, diary entries, give makeup tutorials, and links to used cosmetics and clothes.

Social platform and community applications

Social networks have entered the life of Internet users not so long ago, but have already become part of it. In this niche, there are also celebrity mobile apps, in particular, “The Swift Life” from Taylor Swift. The application allows to the fans of this celebrity to communicate with each other, receive and discuss here all the latest news about her, as well as exclusive photos and videos. This is a great way to unite and expand the fan community.

Why do celebrities need their own mobile apps?

There are two main directions to answer this question.

1. Strengthen personal brand. Internet space is an excellent tool to stay in touch with your fans. Since mobile gadgets have become an integral part of our daily life, celebrities have a unique opportunity to constantly be present in the lives of their fans, in online or offline mode.

2. An additional source of income. Typically, the famous mobile applications are a mixture of free and paid content. They are free to install, but can offer a paid subscription, in-app purchases, and premium content. It is not hard to guess that fans are more willing to pay money for applications backed by their idols than for some unknown apps.

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