Why mobile applications are necessary for business?

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Nowadays technology plays an important role in business. Especially it concerns the promotion of business and the tools that serve it.
Many companies have created their own mobile applications for IOS and Android platforms since the majority of modern customers use smartphones or tablets.

Some business as Uber, for example, have started their work directly with a mobile app.
In this article, we will find out which types of business would benefit from using a mobile app and when it is not necessary.

Why does a mobile application sell more often than a website?

There are a couple of obvious factors:

  • Mobility. A smartphone is always at hand, and with the mobile Internet, a person can be online anytime and anywhere. If a person wants to order a pizza on the way home, it's much easier to do this via the application.
  • Customer loyalty. If the user likes the application, then he will search the necessary product or service in the app.
  • Push notifications. You can constantly keep in touch with the client, reminding him of yourself by sending news, special offers and promotions. Here the main thing is to know the limits and not to be too insistent.

And there are also non-obvious things, for example:

  • Individual approach. The application can track the interests of the user and offer only interesting products.
  • Interactivity. Mobile applications are more technologically convenient. For example, in some advanced apps, you can look at the product in 3D in real size and see if it is going to fit you.
  • Intimacy. A smartphone is always close by, so it can be considered a very personal thing. To applications on the home phone, including with the sites, especially if they work without failures.

How apps can help a business

We have already mentioned that applications can help to attract more customers and make more money for the business. The same goes for loyalty. Here are other ways how apps can help a business:

Beating the competitors

What do most companies use today to promote their business? That's right, leaflets, radio advertisements, SMS marketing, websites and social networks. If we look at AppStore and GoolgePlay, we will hardly find a dozen applications for business within a certain city or even an entire region. This means that there is simply no competition in the use of mobile applications. In addition, the application allows you to get ahead of others, especially if you compare the price of the regular marketing tactics with mobile app development cost.

Increase business efficiency

One of the main tasks of mobile applications is the automation of company processes. For example, thanks to mobile applications, such a sphere as a taxi began to work much more efficiently. Applications help to increase efficiency, reduce costs and money loss, while increasing profits.

How to decide if you need a mobile application for a particular business?

Of course, now we are seeing an active growth in the popularity of mobile applications, but how can you understand what an application will give to your business? After all, it is important not only to remain "in a trend", using advanced promotion tools, you also need to get real profits from them. Business owners want to know whether to create a mobile application for a company, develop an adaptive site, or not to invest time and effort in such a way of promotion.

A professional IT specialist or app development companies will tell you about all the pitfalls and will not let you get confused in a large amount of information. Regardless of which promotion tool you prefer, remember, the main thing is that it should be efficient and cause positive user experience through a high-quality app design.


Talking about why a mobile application is needed for successful business development, one can not help but mention the possibility of linking the company's website with the application. The site of the company is able to attract traffic through search engines, and by switching users from the site to the mobile application, the company will continue to work with the potential customer further since the customer cannot leave just by closing the browser page. That is, when a client visits a company's website, he can easily leave it and stop interacting with the business, but when the site transfers the client into the application, work with the client is just beginning. Such a bundle of "site + application" gives a double benefit to the company.

It is important to note that simply having a mobile application does not solve all business problems, but in the hands of a good app developer, it can become a powerful marketing tool.

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