Why should you consider working in IT sphere?

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IT workers are required in companies where computers and software directly affect the company's revenue. If we proceed from the "computerization" of modern companies, then IT people are needed almost everywhere. An experienced IT employee has become a key element of a modern office. The wages of such workers are at the level of 3-3.5 thousand dollars per month, which is considered adequate pay. This is especially evident if we consider the shortage of specialists and high demand for personnel.

What happened before?

10-20 years ago, when computer technologies only fought for a place "under the sun", the country's universities prepared specialists in computer engineering and computer science. Subsequently, these people remained in schools and worked to promote science. It is easy to explain. At that time, few entrepreneurs could afford to force an office with computers. Today, the level of computerization has reached its peak. Personal computers are everywhere - in the apartment of every person, in offices, public and private institutions.

The specialty of IT-specialist also became popular. Universities each year recruit full groups of IT students with a crazy competition of 10–20 applicants per place. In this case, a university graduate has four paths:

  • Go to work in a private company;

  • Apply for public service;

  • Stay in the university, at the department;

  • Work for yourself, find customers and create new programs.

How is the IT sector evolving today?

A popular area today is work in private companies, where computers have become the basis of business. The newly-baked employee gets the proud name of a sysadmin. The number of computers per employee varies from 2-3 to 200-300. It all depends on the company, the scope of work. On average, the staff of system administrators reaches 6-10 people.

The above theory is confirmed by numbers. So, in comparison with 2015, in 2016, the demand for IT workers increased by 120%. At the same time, competent IT specialists leave to work in Western companies, where work is paid in currency and is calculated in four to five digits.

Small businesses solve problems through outsourcing, namely, using outside specialists to solve emerging problems.

The reason for the popularity of outsourcing companies is easy to explain. Keeping IT staff is expensive.

Large companies are not able to work without their information technology department. The reason is a large amount of tasks that have to be solved daily. Now, the involvement of third-party specialists will cost a pretty penny. At the same time, IT departments are not sitting idle - they are loaded with an incredible amount of work, which only increases every year. IT specialists are entrusted with a number of “spyware” tasks - to organize video surveillance, install “spyware” software, and so on. Along with the popularity of the profession, the demands on it are growing. Not every ordinary sysadmin is able to work quickly and produce a quality product.

Learn, learn, learn ...

Getting an education in the IT field is not a problem. Technical universities for the most part have a special department in the direction of cybernetics or computing systems. Each institution has an individual level of training and teaching staff, which leads to the presence of different approaches to graduates and employers.

Work in the IT field implies not only basic knowledge, but also proficiency in English (at least). Poor knowledge of English leads to a number of problems in the first months of work. So, learning a foreign language is no less important than knowing your own specialty.

Salary level

The salary of an IT specialist only at first glance seems high. In fact, it is not commensurate with the loads that are placed on the shoulders of an expert in the field of information technology. A novice system administrator receives $ 300– $ 500 in large cities and around $ 200– $ 300 on the periphery. The master of this field, who has experience behind him, has the right to expect a higher income - in the amount of 600-900 US dollars.

Further career prospects are impressive. The path from an ordinary employee to the head of IT-department is not as long as it may seem. At the same time, the average monthly salary increases by 5–10 times and amounts to thousands of dollars. The head of the IT department in a big city boasts a salary of 3-5 thousand US dollars.

The main problem of most companies is the high level of “employee turnover”. Experienced IT specialists understand that it is easier to achieve a promotion through a transition to a competing structure, where they promise a higher salary and a solid position faster than at the old place. The transition is made from small enterprises to successful structures in the market. At the same time, the main factor is high wages.

The advantage of IT workers is that they are not picky. The main requirements of the staff are to provide opportunities to work normally without saving on the needs of the service. If you take statistics, then IT professionals rarely “put forward” overwhelming demands on employers. The only thing they ask is a chance to learn at the expense of the company.

Principles of IT workers

Employees of the IT-sphere note that professional spirit in the field of masters of this industry is developed at the highest level. Thanks to the knowledge of the Internet and PC, IT people can easily create blogs and websites through which they exchange data and communicate. In addition, they make a list of employers with whom it is not recommended to work and discuss companies and employment conditions.

Some companies employing IT masters are not demanding towards potential employees. The main reason is the low level of qualifications of the employers themselves, who are not able to identify a competent specialist. At the same time, there are no problems with the active enticement of masters from company to company. However, such a “superficial” approach is a matter of time. It will take 5-10 years and professionals will be worth their weight in gold.


Work in the IT field is profitable, promising and interesting! But do not expect high earnings in the first year of work. After graduating from the institute, you have to learn more than one year in order to grow to a highly paid and sought-after specialist.

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